NEVOBO REGULATIONS (season 2019-2020)

Substitution Adult Teams: Subtituting in a different team 3x a month means you have to play in that team. After the 3rd time your subtitution counter goes back to 0, which means the 4th time does not mean you have to play in that team.
For example: a player from H5 substituting twice in H4 and once in H3 in one month means that player has to play for H4 the rest of the month. Should a player subsitute in 3 different teams, the player will have to come out for the team in the middle class.

Horizontal substitution: Playing for other teams in the same class is only allowed by 3 non-original players at the same time. The other players in that particular team have to be either original members or players from a lower class. Subtituting an entire team by another from the same class is no longer admitted.

Libero: If a libero did not come out during a game, they can be taken off the DWF.

Non-show: If a team does not show up or shows up with an incomplete team, the team will lose double the points (10 points total) and receive a fine.


In the men’s competition of third class or lower both men and women can play on the same team. This also goes for all classes in the boy’s competition.

Cancelling games: If you cancel a game within 48 hours, your team will lose the maximum amount of points (5 total) and receive a fine.

Clubs that do not have a stable broadband connection will also receive a fine.

The second-played ball in a rally will no longer be judged harshly when played overhead with the fingers ánd it remains on the player’s side of the net (internal pass). Carrying or lifting the ball however remains illegal. Playing the ball twice in two different actions by the same player is also not allowed. Balls that can be played easily have to be judged more harshly then those which are harder to play/react to. If the player makes a technical mistake, the referee will have to give a point to the opposing team.

Places when serving: Both the front and back players do no longer have to be in the correct service order when serving. A front player does have to remain in front of their corresponding back player.
As it is harder for the referee to check the service order, the correct order has to be written down at the start of each set on the DWF.

Substituting players is now the same for both adult and youth teams. A player can therefore be subtituted 3x per set for another player.


All counting, refereeing and bar shifts are assigned to different teams every week. It therefore remains a team’s responsibility to divide the appointed shifts amongst the team members. If no one is available, it is the team’s responsibility to find another team to substitute.

Exception: The D2/3 and H2/3 games have to mention the right names.

Sovicos will assign the tasks for the coming season as soon as we have a definitive competition schedule. These will also be posted on the website.