The beach committee says HELLO!

Hey! How nice of you to read this.

As a beach committee, we have been asked to write a short blog to inform you about what is going on in the wonderful world of beach volleyball. Of course we will not skip this opportunity. If you also read this as a member of beach volleyball and think you can do this much better, let us know. We would love to give members the blogortunity.

As you know, the beach committee has recently started. Of course it took some getting used to breathing life into a new committee, with all the issues that come up, such as; the forming of teams, find trainers and also organise a first beach volleyball tournament – more about that later. It is fun to see how the teams form and new friendships are made.

New beach volleyball trainers

So some things have changed recently. We welcomed Niels as a new trainer who has the task to train the starters group together with Luuk. Very nice to see that people are open to train teams. If you’re thinking, hey, I want that too! Then don’t hesitate to contact the BC, because we never have enough trainers 😊 Btw. you don’t have to have experience for this either. We can always guide you.

In addition, the teams and times have also changed a bit. It always takes some time to see how the teams are performing and whether people are well placed together. For example, we have seen a lot of growth in the groups, which means that some changes have been made. We hope to have established good teams for the rest of the season in this way. But of course everything is always subject to change.

Beach volleyball tournament, November 19

Did you also know that our first beach volleyball tournament is almost upon us? On November 19th we organise a tournament for which EVERYONE can register (up to a maximum of 30). We’re going to play a paradise league concept. Now I hear you thinking; what? But of course we are happy to explain this. With this concept, you are grouped on the basis of level and you are assigned a partner. So you don’t know this in advance, a great way to get to know new people. Together you will play a 12 minute game where you can collect points. Think of the ‘king of the courts’ principle.

Are you excited but do you want to know more? Then email us. We can certainly answer (almost) all of your questions. And sign up for the first beach volleyball tournament, together we will make it an unforgettable day!

Greetings, the beach committee!