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If you want to quit Sovicos, please cancel your membership before JUNE 1st! This is due to the deadline set by Nevobo for signing up teams for the new season.

You can cancel your membership by sending an email to the Member Administration Committee at ledenadmin@sovicos.nl. Members who cancel their membership as of June 1st but re-register at the start of the new season, are billed €7,50 in administration costs, unless the Board decides otherwise.

Members who cancel after the deadline of June 1st without any valid reason, will be charged the full contribution of the entire season. Exceptions to this rule are long-term injuries and illnesses. In case of a late cancellation, the Board could decide to give leniency to this rule, for example when moving to another province or other special circumstances. The Board’s freedom to make these decisions are supported by the House Rules.

In case of mid-season cancellations, members will still have to pay for the entire year, according to article 7 of the House Rules and article 10 sub. 2 of the Statutes which have been signed when joining the club.