Steps for closing the bar and kitchen

  • Call last round 15 minutes before closing (23:45 on Friday night), so you can start cleaning on time.
  • Turn off the oil 30 minutes before closing (23:30).
  • Turn off the fryers and panini press by flipping the button on the extension cord.


  • Remove any oil spills and stains with kitchen towels.
  • Clean the panini press.
  • Clean the counters.
  • Empty the dishwasher, drain the water, empty the valve and turn it off (top-right button).
  • Turn off the extractor.
  • Turn off all lights.

After calling last round

  • Turn off register by pressing the ‘Kassaterminal’ button, followed by ‘Uitzetten’ and once again ‘Uitzetten’. Do this before 00:15 hours.
  • Clean glasses, dry them off and store them correctly.
  • Pour a kettle of hot water in the sink below the tap.
  • Remove milk, sugar and sticks from the bar.
  • Put the full crates of SORTED empty bottles in the cask space. You can use the elevator.
  • Stock the pantry in the small bar.
  • Clean tables and bar counter.
  • Close the doors.
  • Turn off all lights.

Steps for closing the cafeteria and gym

When all doors and windows are closed, all lights except for emergency lighting have been turned off and everyone has left the building:

  • Close both doors to the hall.
  • Open the alarm cabinet.
  • Enter the 4-digit code (standard code).
  • Confirm code with ‘A’.
  • You will hear a beep when the alarm has been turned on.
  • You have to lock the front door within 30 seconds.
  • Listen for a moment to hear wether the beep has stopped and the alarm has been turned on correctly.

In case of a wrong code, or if the front door has not been locked within 30 seconds, the alarms will go off automatically. This is a very loud siren. Call 366 4423 for security or reach Ed Deelen at +31 6-79166139 (not after 00.00 uur).

You can ask any questions you might have to Vincent Lugtenburg, Firoz Sahanghoekan or Rob Strang. They’ll be happy to help!