Are you being bullied, harassed or on the receiving end of sexually unwanted advances? Or do you see someone who is going through these things, but who is unable to speak up? Are you a parent of a youth member, and do you see behavior that is unacceptable?

At Sovicos you can talk confidentially with:

Yvonne Nieuwmans-van der Moolen (Ladies 3)
06-10775047 –

Iwan Banens (trainer Men 1)
06-51582226 –

You can find more information on our protocol here.

Are you in an urgent situation? Please feel free to send them a text as well as an email, so you can be sure they’ll see your message as soon as possible.

Read more information about our counselors and what they can do for you down below.


Counselors within Sovicos

Dear members and parents/primary caregivers of our youth members,

A few years ago Sovicos has decided to appoint two counselors. These counselors are the point of contact for all members/parents, in the case of harrasment or other unwanted behavior by another member. You can think of bullying, defamation, violation of personal integrity, sexual harassment and/or abuse, and discriminatory or racist behavior. These concepts have a loaded character and are – fortunately – usually not directly associated with a game of volleyball.

However, it has probably not escaped your notice that in recent months the media has reported various, very disconcerting cases of abuse in the world of (top) sport. Sometimes these cases have lasted for years, without anyone being able to speak out. As a result, a large number of (youthful) athletes have been damaged for life, and might have never been able to enjoy their sport as intended.

It is important to realize that undesirable behavior can start everywhere, even within our own club, as something small and sometimes unintentional. It is often not yet recognized as undesirable behavior, while early recognition can actually lead to this behavior being stopped quickly.

If this undesired behavior can however continue unhindered, a huge problem will arise for the victim, which he or she often cannot easily talk about with teammates or family. Sometimes the problem “gets solved by itself”, for example when the victim in question quits and leaves the club. It goes without saying that this is not the solution that clubs such as Sovicos stand for. Everyone should be able to feel at home within our club and be able to be themselves!

Within Sovicos, the positions of confidential counselor are filled by two people, the undersigned Iwan Banens and Yvonne Nieuwmans.

We both started playing volleyball at SVC in the 1970s and 1980s. We still have a lot of fun playing the game and are still enthusiastic members of this club. We can be found in the sports hall every week: not only as a player, but also off the court as a (youth) trainer, supporter in the stands, or for fun in the bar. It is usually not difficult to spot us and talk to us about anything and everything.

However, we think it is important that everyone at Sovicos also knows how to find us as a confidential counselor, and that you can report any undesirable behavior to us. We will then discuss how to solve the situation in consultation with the person who came to us. As a confidential counselor, we are aware of the duty of confidentiality. This means that anything said to us in the above role will be treated in confidence and will not be discussed with other persons inside or outside the club without the consent of those directly involved.

Of course we hope that we rarely have to function as a confidential counselor. But we would like to indicate once again that we want to be immediately ready for anyone who needs it. Below you will also find our email addresses and telephone numbers where we can be reached. If you have any further questions as a parent or caregiver of one of our youth members, please feel free to reach out as well. even if you as a member or parent of a youth member have any questions regarding this text.

Yvonne Nieuwmans
Iwan Banens