From September 1, 2022, Sovicos will be transitioning to the updated DWF 2.0. The form not only has a new look but is also much more user-friendly and, most importantly, secure. As a player, you no longer need to carry a separate player pass to the match; everything is neatly registered in the DWF.

However, for smooth registration, it is crucial that all members (both seniors and youth) have their photos uploaded in Sportlink – we’ll take care of that. The Digital Match Form is the most modern way to register matches in the Dutch volleyball league.

So, get ready for this new and more efficient way of registering matches and keep your team details quick and up-to-date online!

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Wondering how the updated DWF works? Read below:

Before the match starts, you can log in to Nevobo and select your team and update it. This ensures all players and coaches are up-to-date before the match begins.

To log in, use your account on Don’t have an account? No worries, you can create one on the spot using this link and your Nevobo relationship code (found on, for example, the player pass).

Parents of youth teams:

As a parent of a youth player, you undoubtedly want to stay informed about your child’s matches. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to log in at home on the Nevobo site as you need a Nevobo relationship code.

But don’t worry, once you’re at the venue, one of the Sovicos members (such as the referee) can log in for you, allowing you to view the team’s details. All you need to do is bring your enthusiasm and enjoy your son or daughter’s match.


Once both teams and the referee are present, the match can begin! Well, after the following points have been covered:

The referee logs in to and selects the match.

Together with the captains of both teams, players are selected and verified by checking their IDs. Players can be added or removed, and jersey numbers can be adjusted if necessary.

Once all of that is done, you can click on “Enter Result” at the bottom of the page, and the match can begin!


During the match, the scorekeeper uses the new DWF form: Enter Result. We no longer use a paper score form. If you are the person operating the Digital Match Form, you need to log in to with a account. Don’t have an account yet? No problem, create one on the spot using the link!

Remember, you’ll need the Nevobo relationship code for this, which is on the player pass, among other places.

After the match, if both captains and the referee are still present, there is one final task.

  • By now, we’re logged into the form, right?
  • The played match is selected. If not, it needs to be done.
  • Enter the set scores on the digital form.
  • Both captains indicate the players who participated in the match, and after verification by the referee, the captains and referee confirm the result.
  • Then select “Submit”.
  • In case of issues with the connection, there are “old” match forms available in the canteen as a backup.

You can also find information, a demo, and login links on the Nevobo website.

If you have any questions after reading the above, please contact or