At Sovicos, we strive for an inclusive sports environment where everyone is welcome and can participate, regardless of background or characteristics.

Diversity enriches our sport and fuels our passion. In the Netherlands, discrimination is legally prohibited and punishable under Article 1 of the Constitution. Sometimes, forms of discrimination in sports may seem acceptable, but they can be perceived as unwanted or inappropriate by those involved.

Understanding Discrimination

Discrimination is the unequal treatment of people based on irrelevant characteristics. Dutch law describes 11 grounds for discrimination, including age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, disability or chronic illness, and more.

Discrimination in Sports

Discrimination can also be present in sports, including at Sovicos. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, such as in team or competition divisions based on gender, age, skill level, or weight. However, there are also situations where discrimination is undesirable:

  • Membership: deciding who can and cannot join.
  • Wheelchair users being unable to participate in the sport.

Additionally, we sometimes see discriminatory situations, such as:

  • Children not being allowed to play at a club if their parents do not volunteer.
  • A Muslim woman being unable to participate in competitions due to mandatory dress codes.
  • A boy with an intellectual disability being excluded from a suitable category.
  • A trans girl not being allowed to play on a girls’ team and having to change elsewhere.
  • An athlete not wanting to play on Fridays for religious reasons, but the competition only being held on Fridays.

Addressing Discrimination

As administrators, coaches, or confidential contact persons, we can make discrimination a topic of discussion, adopt an open attitude towards those involved, and actively implement policies on diversity and inclusive sports. This way, we make Sovicos even better, for everyone!