At Sovicos, everyone has to be able to potentially ref a game, both as an individual and as a team. The goal of making this obligated for all members, is to create a wide pool of potential referees. Which means we all carry the burden together, instead of just a few select members.

What does this mean for you?

  • Every player of 16 years or older who plays competition volleyball has to get the online ‘game rule certification’. This test consist of 20 multiple choice questions concerning rules and movements.
  • Go to Volleybalmasterz, where you can find explanations on game situations, game rules and practices.
  • You can also find a direct link to the Game Rule Certification.
  • Once you’ve gotten the certification, you are qualified to ref the youth games, as well as senior games in 3rd, 4th and 5th class. An additional bonus; We’re also more aware of the rules when we’re playing ourselves!
  • Everyone playing 2nd class or higher, has to get the V4 code. For this certification you have to take a two-hour course, followed by a test of aptitude in the shape of leading a home-base game. Afterwards you are qualified to ref youth games and senior games of 1st class or lower. This course is also open to anyone who would like to get certified, no matter their personal level.
  • To ref classes higher than 1st class, a VS3 code is needed. Reffing on this level is voluntary.
  • Every team has to lead approximately 11 games of other Sovicos teams per season, which you can divide evenly among the team members. Who refs which game is completely up to you. However, if a team does not fulfill this responsibility, they will be ousted from the competition.

The Board has decided to fund these certifications from the club’s own treasury. The Technical Committee will further execute this plan, and faciliate course material, traning and coaching. If you have any questions or if you’d like to sign up, please contact the Technical Committee through

An overview of the different referee levels can be found on

Referee Instructions

For all referees who’d like a quick summary before reffing a game.

Before the game

  • Make sure you arrive on time, 30 minutes before the game. The latest you can be is 15 minutes before.
  • Check the net height and antenna’s.
  • Check the player names and faces on the Digital Game Form (DWF) together with the coach or captain of the team.
  • Check in with both captains and the counter max. 10 minutes before the game.
  • The captain of the guest team gets to choose either a side or the first serve. In case of a 5th set, the Sovicos captain gets to choose.
  • Let the teams start their practice. Should the teams have had time to play on another court, they have 6 minutes for practice. Otherwise it’s 10 minutes. Serve practice is considered a part of this practice, and has to be done within these 6 minutes.
  • Ask the Sovicos team to supply you with a game ball.
  • Get the players to the side 3 minutes before the start of the game, and get yourself to the chair.
  • Always try to start the game on time.
  • Bring a watch or mobile phone so you can check the length of the time outs.

During the game

  • Maintain eyecontact with the counter during the game, such as during substitutions and at the start of every set. Don’t continue before the counter lets you know they’re ready.

After the game

  • Doublecheck with the captains or coaches which players have played.
  • Check the game results and set points on the digital form.
  • Check the start and end times on the digital form.
  • Mark off the players who did not play.
  • Let the captains check their information, and sign off on the form.
  • Sign off on the form yourself.

Net heights

Heren/Mens2.43 m
Dames/Womens2.24 m
Jongens/Boys A2.43 m
Jongens/Boys B2.24 m
Meisjes/Girls A2.24 m
Meisjes/Girls B2.15 m
Meisjes/Girls C2.05 m
Mini’s2.00 m