Gents 1 finally promoted to 3rd division: “Long-awaited wish come true”.

After three seasons in which Gents 1 always performed well and finished in the top two, but always missed out on the spots in the third division, Gents 1 has managed to secure a spot in the highest regional division. “About five years ago, the Board expressed its wish to play in the divisional level again with Sovicos. This long-awaited wish has now finally come true.”

For a long time it seemed that Gents 1 would once again miss the boat when it came to dividing the spots in the higher divisions. Earlier this season, it was already known that no champions would be crowned and thus no direct promotion to the third division. The second place in the Promotion Class may be called impressive, but it does not provide many chances. After it appeared earlier in the poule-arrangement that the number 1, Kalinko, did get a spot in the third division, the hope for promotion seemed almost lost.

Technical Committee response:

At the beginning of last week, Gents 1 already shared the new poule classification of the Promotion Class on its socials. A few days later, a hopeful message came from the Nevobo. There appeared to be a spot available in the third division A poule! TC: “At the end of last season the TC (partly based on the results of the past seasons) requested the league to assign Gents 1 a spot in the 3rd division instead of the regular spot in the promotion class. Last week we were approached by the Nevobo that a place in the 3rd division pool A has become available. Then there has been communicated with all parties involved and this weekend it has been decided that Gents 1 will play in the 3rd division next season. We wish the men a lot of success with this (slightly delayed) promotion!”

Response of trainer/coach Iwan Banens

The choice was eventually made by the team itself. Trainer/coach Iwan Banens is happy with the outcome: “Promotion to the 3rd division is a great step for Sovicos Gents 1 and the result of our efforts in recent years. From the 1st Class we have found our way up again, brought back the fun and raised the level. This is the credit of the whole team, including players who have just quit such as Gilles Ginter and Peter de Jonge. For the new season we are still looking for some reinforcement on a few positions, but we are already looking forward to it!”

The classification of the poule in 3rd Division A is as follows:

  • Spaarnestad Gents 3
  • VV Utrecht Gents 3
  • vv Jonas Gents 1
  • AVV Keistad Gents 2
  • Arie Hollenberg Sloopwerken/De Boemel Gents 1
  • Switch Hooglanderveen Gents 1
  • Gemini S Gents 1
  • Prima Donna Kaas Huizen Gents 3
  • US Gents 2
  • NVC Gents 1
  • Zaanstad Gents 2
  • Sovicos Gents 1

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Gents 1 was named “Best team outfit of the evening” at the last party and celebrated enthusiastically!