Heren 1 books a hard-fought victory over 2nd-place competitor

On Saturday February 12th, 11 weeks after the previous competition match, Iwan’s battered team was slotted to play against VollinGo Heren 1. Unfortunately, he had to do without libero Pit and outside hitter Gilles, so 8 players traveled to Gouda without too many expectations.

Besides the absence of Pit and Gilles, setters Peter and Olaf were both not in their best shape. That is why it was agreed to enter this game without expectations and to do everything we could to together to bring some points back to The Hague. A hell of a job, but sometimes you just play your best game.

Set 1

Surprisingly, we started playing out best game from the first set onward. With high service pressure, especially from Olaf, VollinGo was put under pressure and Sovicos was able to play their own game. With Matthijs in the back as libero, only a few balls fell to the ground. Which guaranteed these long rallies were eventually won by Sovicos. That gave us extra confidence, and the hard work was rewarded with a set win: 25-20.

Set 2

Heren 1 went into the second set with full confidence. However, the sharpness was lacking in the beginning, giving VollinGo a small lead. But soon the focus was back and everything (and really everything) was given to maintain the lead. And it worked. After many long rallies, it was VollinGo that gave the set win to Sovicos with a service fault: 25-20.

Set 3

With a wonderful 2-0 lead, Sovicos was gasping for air at this point. After such a long time without competitions (and the lack of a competition rhythm), it truly is quite hard to pick up where you left off. This breather seemed to last too long for Sovicos, because before they knew it VollinGo managed to create a gap of 8 points. Sovicos couldn’t get over this setback, and so the third set went to VollinGo 25-17.

Set 4

With a 2-1 lead and a fourth set in sight, it was important for Sovicos to pick up the thread. VollinGo, on the other hand, wants to do everything it can to drag out a fifth set. This set however turned into a battle of the wills. Fatigue was clearly noticeable on both sides, despite the fact that VollinGo had many more substitutions available. But Sovicos’ will triumped, as at 24-23 Jord manages to pull out another killblock and thus decides the match: 25-23 and 3-1 win for Sovicos!

Not only an unexpected, but also a very important victory over VollinGo. Our gap with the current number 2 is reduced to 3 points. So it seems very likely that Sovicos will do everything they can to reach second place, and hopefully grab that Third Division spot for next season.

Current Top 5 on February 15th

  1. Kalinko 1 (10 – 43)
  2. VollinGo 1 (12 – 37)
  3. SKC 1 (9 – 36)
  4. Sovicos 1 (10 – 34)
  5. Punch 2 (10 – 32)

The next game for Sovicos Heren 1 is scheduled for Thursday February 17th. In Sassenheim, Iwan’s team will face VCS (9th place). Earlier this season, the home game was won 4-0. What will it be this Thursday?

Man of the match: Hessel