Win for Men 1 in final match of 2022 after thrilling third set

It was already going to be an exciting battle between Sovicos (no. 6) and Dosko (no. 5). The teams are evenly matched and Dosko won the match against Limes (no. 2) just this week. At Stolwijk the match started, incidentally without DWF due to a malfunction, at 17:30

Bad start for Sovicos

Right from the beginning of the first point, it was clear that Dosko took advantage of the home crowd. Banging against the walls, making noise during the opponent’s serve and trying to catch the ball when Gio wanted to do his jump serve. Not that athletic, but it sort of fits the game. Sovicos saw it as extra motivation to leave the crowd with a mouth full of teeth.

But in set one, Sovicos still seemed very overwhelmed. In particular, Dosko’s high service pressure quickly put Sovicos at a disadvantage they could not overcome. With multiple substitutes, coach Iwan Banens attempted to change the momentum, but to no avail. The home team won the first set with a score of 25-16.

Strong come-back

Sovicos was prepared for the second set and understood exactly what it had to do: halt Dosko’s serve series as soon as possible. Making use of the blocking as an additional weapon. And miraculously it works. In the most bizarre ways Sovicos gets a grip on Dosko’s hard hits and manages to take the point with a killblock. Wonderful! At no point was the set win in danger and so the second set went 25-19 to Sovicos (1-1).

Thrilling third set

For a long time in the third set it also looked like the set win would go to Sovicos. The men cheerfully continued to hold back the service and offensively they pounded away. Dosko was overwhelmed. Yet suddenly there seemed to be a turnaround, because at 19-12 for Sovicos, Dosko managed to open the secret box of tricks and come back to 22-22. They even briefly got to set point at 24-22, but Sovicos knuckled their way back into the set and after 24-24 it was shifting points. The set points flew back and forth. The home supporters made every effort to prevent Sovicos from scoring, but our guys maintained their coolness. At 31-31 Olaf was done with it and served two points in a row. 33-31 and a 2-1 lead for Sovicos! Then the home crowd was quiet for a while….

Opponents on their knees

In the fourth and final set, Dosko was far from being able to win a fifth set. Sovicos showed that it was perfectly capable of continuing the good play and never gave the opponent the belief to come back in the match. This frustrated the home team enormously and they even got a yellow card after an outburst in which the ball hit the not so high ceiling. Deservedly. The win went to Sovicos who won the fourth set 25-15 to take 4 points to The Hague. There the victory was celebrated at Jord’s with a delicious pasta, beer and a Pubquiz which was won by Michael, Jord and Rudy.

The 3-1 victory takes the men to fourth place, moving into the winter break above both Dosko and Kalinko. Sovicos even has one more match remaining after the game against Inter Rijswijk was postponed. This will be made up on Wednesday, January 25.

Stand Third Division B (region West)

1. Zaanstad Heren 31142
2. Wereldvrede US Heren 31138
3. Limes Heren 11135
4. Sovicos Heren 11031
5. Kalinko Heren 11131
6. Dosko Heren 11130
7. Leython DC Heren 11128
8. Aspasia Heren 11125
9. VCV Heren 21123
10. Inter Rijswijk Heren 3915
11. NOVO Heren 11011
12. VVV Delta Heren 11111