For all referees who want a quick reminder what needs to be done before, during and after a game.

Before the game

  • Make sure you’re on time (30 minutes in advance);
  • Start by checking the net height and the antenna’s;
  • Check the player names on the DWF and the player cards;
  • Check the faces on the player cards;
  • Let the captains and coaches sign the form after checkin all players and their jersey numbers;
  • Introduce yourself to the captains and the counters at least 10 minutes before the start of the game;
  • The captain of the away-team gets to choose either service or court side. In case of a 5th set, the Sovicos captain will get to choose;
  • Start hitting and serving warm-up. If the teams were playing on another field, allow them to play for 6 minutes at the net. If not, they have 10 minutes. Service is considered a part of the general warm-up, and has to be done within the set time limit;
  • Ask the Sovicos team for a game ball;
  • 3 minutes before the start: players on the side of the court, ref on the chair;
  • Always try to start on time;
  • Bring a watch to check the duration of the time outs (30 sec.)

During the game

  • Keep a close eye on the counters during a substitution, time out or the start of a new set. Do not resume play until the counters are ready;

After the game

  • Check which players have played
  • Check the results and set point on the DWF;
  • Check the start and end times;
  • Check off the players who didn’t play;
  • Let the captains check their own information;
  • Check off on the form.

Net heights

Men2.43 m
Ladies2.24 m
Boys A2.43 m
Boys B2.24 m
Girls A2.24 m
Girls B2.15 m
Girls C2.10 m
Mini’s2.00 m