Massaging for fun, Dick has been doing it for 20 years!

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He travels from Alphen aan de Rijn every month, retired and a sports masseuse at Sovicos for 20 years. We’re talking about Dick van Wijk! But who exactly is he? As a very skilled masseuse, what can he offer Sovicos members, and why should everyone try it? Learn more from this interview!

How did you begin working at Sovicos as a sports massage therapist?

“In 2002, which is already 20 years ago, I was a sports masseuse at a Veterans tournament in The Hague. Sovicos members were also present and I was asked to do the same at Sovicos for a small fee. The social aspect was always more important to me than earning money and it seemed fun so I thought: why not?”

Were sports massages popular back then?

“Yes, extremely popular! Often we even stood with 2 masseuses (Roland, joined later) otherwise we wouldn’t make it. That is different now and that is very unfortunate.”

What could that be due to?

“Good question. Before the corona period it was still reasonably busy, but it was always the same people. That group has shrunk since then and few new members come along. Perhaps because participants train on Mondays or Tuesdays and are unable to attend on Wednesdays.. Who knows?”

Why is it so important for members to come to the sports massages?

“The most important thing as a volleyball player is to keep the muscles flexible. This prevents stiffness which makes the elimination of toxins work much better. So you don’t have to come only if you are bothered by something, but mainly to prevent (muscle) injuries.”

Can members visit you if they are injured right now?

“Yes of course! Depending on the injury, I can give members good advice on what they can do best, what exercises can help and they can follow a course of action. I can’t perform miracles and am definitely not a physical therapist, but I do know a lot and can always direct someone to the right people.”

What gives you satisfaction to keep doing the sports massages?

” For me, the social component is the most important because it allows you to reconnect with people, hear their stories, learn what is happening in the club, and learn about their successes. The joy with which those you know react when they learn how much you are valued. Everyone who comes by likes the fact that I’m here again. That’s what I do it for and I hope I get to do it for a long time to come!”

What would you say to all those members who have never experienced a sports massage?

“Experience it once. Come by and experience what it’s like to get a sports massage and you’ll be amazed at the results. Not only will you prevent injuries with it, but it’s also a super fun 20 minutes!”

Want to know more? Go to or read this blog for more information! The next massage evening is on Wednesday, November 16, in the large cafeteria of Steenwijklaan Sports Hall. Roland will be the man on duty then. Soon you will receive an e-mail to sign up for that!