For the first time Dames 3 will play a match!

Friday evening, September 30th: it was ladies 3’s turn: our first game of the season! We were all really looking forward to it, and although we were only 7 players, you didn’t notice this in our energy and willpower!

Set 1

The first set got off to a good start. We went very evenly. Unfortunately, we made a little too many mistakes, and therefore lost the set with 22-25.

Set 2

Too bad for the first set, but if we continued this way, we might win the second set! In good spirits we started the second set. We noticed that we were in a dip for a while. It didn’t go that well, let’s not dwell on it for too long 😉 We noticed very much that we have a lot of new people in the team and were not so well attuned to each other. Partly due to SKC’s strong serve, and our bad pass that followed, we didn’t get into the game well. This set we lost with 14-25. Let’s forget this one quickly.

Set 3

If we thought the second set went bad, the third was our low-point: we started making more mistakes and got frustrated. Fortunately, we made a comeback around 8 points, and we went right back on it! We immediately noticed that the energy was back again and we started playing more calmly. We may have come out of the rut, but SKC turned out to be too strong. Especially when we gave away 2 points due to a line-up error that we didn’t seem to get out of. We finished this set with a low 12 points.  

Set 4

Well come on ladies, the last set has to be ‘our’ set! During the fourth set, our heads were really in the game again. We seemed to move faster, and dive more for the balls, in order to get them defiantly over the net. We also attacked more, and we immediately noticed this when we looked at the score. Tactical balls over the net were also not unknown to us, and we kept scoring time and time again. But still SKC had the upper hand, and they also won this set with 22-25. 

Trainer and coach Vincent S. said that there are still many things that we can train on. And that’s positive, otherwise our season would also be so boring 😉

We had a lot of fun and hope to be able to beat this team later this season!

Btw. we play again at home this Friday (7th of October), so if you’re at the Steenwijklaan cheer us to victory 😉