A big thank you to all our volunteers!

On ‘National Day of the Volunteer – held every year on December 7th – the Sovicos volunteers present were thanked with a nice speech by chairman Jan and a nice present.

The volunteers’ unending commitment and energy are what allow the club to function. From the board to the various committees and from trainers to coaches and so on. When you can accomplish it together, why make things difficult? And that’s why yesterday there was a moment to reflect on these great people and all they do for the club.

We as a club are incredibly grateful for the many hands and very happy with this wonderful, motivated and enthusiastic group of volunteers!

And if you think, gosh, I would love to do something back for the club? Click here for the possibilities. Would you like to do something that is not in this list? Then send Rob an email so we can see what the possibilities are.

ps. for the volunteers who were not or could not be present, no worries… we have not forgotten you.