A kind of goodbye

Dear all,

It was a busy day, that 29th of September. At home, a photographer and a surveyor came by to photograph our house nicely. This was in preparation for the sale of our house. And that in very exciting times for homeowners, who are trying to get rid of their homes for a nice price.

Then off to the hall for the General Members’ Meeting. This with tablet, flowers and a whole package of Frisian products under my arm for those lovely people Léonie and John. They were saying goodbye to the club because they are moving to Friesland. It made me feel a bit sad, because they come from a time when volleyball and especially club life were structured a bit differently than nowadays.

As my role as chairman was definitely over after the break of that meeting, I could allow myself to muse a bit about my position within that wonderful club Sovicos. It had been clear to me personally for some time that the many tasks on my plate could well be a little less stressful.

The first step was my announcement at the GMM that I would only continue working as referee coordinator for one more year. Fortunately, there was an unexpected response from Michael (H1) who was willing to think about fulfilling this task. Gradually, my rucksack is getting lighter and that feels pretty good. So are there no ‘challenges’ left? Of course there are, and in my new role as board member for club affairs, I will be fully committed to getting some things (back) on track. And of course, as always, I will remain positively critical of developments inside and outside the club. Because let’s face it, being a member of this club for over 63 years had and has a lasting impact on your life.

Next massage evening on 12 October

Within the club, we have always tried to offer things that, although an extension of the game of volleyball, can be considered unique, at least within The Hague. One of those things is to offer monthly massages on Wednesday evenings. Lately, however, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse. That worries us. So I hereby make an urgent appeal – wherever possible – to make use of that unique option to have a massage by one of our sports masseurs.

The next one is scheduled for next Wednesday 12 October and Dick is the man on duty.

Do not hesitate, do not delay but sign up for a session between 7pm and 9pm or between 9pm and 11pm for only €9 per 20 minutes.  

Board member Association Affairs and Referee Coordinator