A new chairman?

He loves Formula 1, hiking in the mountains and has been a Sovicosser since 2008. So he is not new to Sovicos and also as a volunteer he has not been idle. From bar service planner, youth trainer/coach of girls C1 and various women’s teams to referee. He has also worked as a TC member and board member for youth affairs, with the highlight of winning 2 prizes during the last Sovicos party. Yes, we are indeed talking about Jan Soer!

With the above merits and his motto “volleyball is fun, so you can laugh” Jan is running for election as chairman of Sovicos this year!

We asked Jan to introduce himself.

Hi! So I am Jan Soer, 48 years old and Technical lead of a service team – also known as ‘something in IT’.

As you can see, I have been able to discover many parts of Sovicos in recent years. I have always been active as a volunteer, but unfortunately less so in recent years. I had already considered that I wanted to become more active within the club again. And after Gaby withdrew and I decided to work less for myself, time was freed up to seriously engage in a somewhat larger role within the association, which would be as chairman.

I think it would be nice to work together to keep this beautiful club for which it is known, namely: sporty volleyball players who love a party!

Focus as chairman

The focus of me as chairman would be: the Sovicos family, digitisation and transparency.

Hall, beach and youth are well known to me and in the role as chairman I would like to achieve that it will remain 1 large volleyball family with an integration of all parts where everyone is welcome and where volleyball can be experienced at as many levels as possible.

In addition, as an IT professional with almost 25 years of experience, there is still a nice improvement to be made in terms of digitisation within the club, especially with a view to simplifying tasks so that a volunteer spends less time performing the same task.

Finally, I would like to see whether more transparency towards members can be achieved within the board but also the committees.

“I will show my face everywhere”

I don’t know yet how we can give shape to all this, but if I become the chairman of Sovicos, I will certainly show my face everywhere. From youth to beach and from indoor to sitting volleyball and to talk to anyone who wishes.

Finally, I would like to invite you all to come to the ALV, so that the first party of the new season can already be celebrated there!

Greetings, Jan!