A Wednesday evening derby in The Hague

While the volleyball courts in Steenwijklaan have made way for ballot boxes, Ladies 3 exchanges the hall for the Houtrusthal. Not to train but to play a real derby against Kalinko D6. And an exciting one too, because the Scheveningen ladies are 1 point and place lower in the ranking.

Ladies three is still unbeaten with three games this year and of course intends to hold on to this. But can we also perform on Wednesday evenings?

The secret of getting ahead, is getting started…

With twelve ladies we wait patiently until the youth of Kalinko has finished training. After a short warm up we start the match. And we don’t do that too sharply. We don’t fully realize that this is not a training but a competition. That realization is slowly coming back and that’s how we fight ourselves into the game. With some wonderful services from Anouk and Lotte we go from behind to leading and take the set 21-25.

Switching a whole new team

Vincent calls it social switching and so a whole new team takes place within the gray lines of the Houtrusthal. Those gray lines are extremely frustrating, because there is also a yellow line and so the back line is occasionally misjudged. Because the service pressure and the scoring ability are also decreasing, we quickly fall behind the facts. This time we are unable to fight our way back and we give away the set 25-18.

The ladies driemteam

Hop, again a new team in. Well, you have to do something with 6 women on the bench. It turns out to be the golden team. We keep the pressure on from the very first service. The pass arrives reasonably well, Gaby can set the balls perfectly and the attack scores. Sometimes I don’t know how, but Sanne picks up all the most miraculous balls from the ground, Anouk brings the pass nice and high and Roxane hits it hard with the left within the, yes, gray lines. Ebru shows her skills for the first time at Ladies 3 and wow, what an asset! And Yvonne is rolling, as we are used to, saving the most impressive balls! On the bench there is a lot of encouragement and the hall is filled with Yndira’s voice. The set goes to us with 11-25.

All good things come in threes

Another team change? Yes of course! Switching too socially? We want to win, don’t we? That too, but we have 25 points for that. The whole team change doesn’t turn out very well this time and we are soon behind. And that while Lili with monsterblock after monsterblock makes things really difficult for the middle of Kalinko and Lotte runs through the field to get the not always great passes where they need to go. The service pressure is also a bit disappointing, so we miss some points.

But, we wouldn’t be Ladies 3 if we didn’t go all the way. And so with a few almost impossible balls that look more like badminton than volleyball, we work our way back into the game. It’s 25-25 and the tension is mounting. 26-25 even more tension but a good serve pass and fine attacks straight ahead keep us in the game. 27-27 meanwhile, heart rate goes up and luckily so does the ball. The mistakes on our side are almost fatal to us. 28-27, we seem unable to score those last points. This also applies to Kalinko, who mainly benefit from our mistakes, but does not put in much effort to score themselves. Then finally with wonderful services from Anyda and Sanne, 29-29, 29-30 and finally 29-31. And that brings us a 1-3 victory over the number 8 and 4 points back to the Steenwijklaan, where we prefer to spend our Wednesday evening of course 😊 Although it remains great to take the most points in the lion’s den.

All’s well that ends well & 48 bitterballen

It was a good workout for heart rate and stress management. After a drink and 48 bitterballen – thanks Anouk – it is time to rest. But not too long because Friday we travel to Alphen aan den Rijn where we face Castellum D1, the number 3. Will we remain unbeaten?