Agreements on discounts, cashback and quid pro quo with Erreà

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Since August 2021, Erreà is our new clothing supplier. As Sovicos we are of course very happy with that, because there was a great need for less warm match shirts. In addition to competition clothing, the Italian clothing brand also supplies sports bags, shirts for the warming-up, socks, knee pads and tracksuits. You undoubtedly already knew that, but did you also know that as an association we have made agreements about discounts, cashback and service in return? You can read all about it below.

But, let’s talk about Erreà first. Did you know, for example, that Erreà is a clothing partner in the Dutch market for ADO Den Haag and TeamNL, among others? In addition, Erreà has the distinctive strength that it keeps 100% production in its own hands and has its own factories, so that it can guarantee constant quality and continuity. Enough reasons for us to work with the company.

But what exactly does this collaboration entail?

Cashback and discounts

One of the advantages of working with the company is that part of the amount (also called cashback) of every item purchased from the club webshop ends up in a specific jar. From this jar we can purchase products from Erreà, free of charge or with a discount. For example, last season’s money has been invested in the backpacks for our volunteers, which have not all been distributed yet.

In addition, all members receive a standard 20% discount on the articles in the club webshop and we receive a 40% discount on bigger orders from the club. For example, with a larger order of shirts for the warming-up with a sponsor’s logo.

We don’t get that for nothing, of course.

Quid pro quo or service in return

On the other hand, we as a volleyball club actively encourage our members to play volleyball in Erreà clothing. During official matches in the Nevobo competition it is even the rule that every player takes part in the match in an Erreà match shirt (and also t-shirt for the warming-up). So are you still wearing an old competition shirt? Then order a nicer, comfortable and breathable shirt from Erreà here!

We also include the logo of the clothing supplier in our advertisements such as the screen in the canteen, and also online on the website, social media and in the newsletter. We are of course very proud of this collaboration, so we are happy to propagate it.

If you don’t have a new competition shirt yet, but you want it. We have fitting shirts available in Sporthal Steenwijklaan so that you always order the right size.

And do you want to play as a team in the same beautiful shirts for the warming-up? Or have you found a sponsor for your team? Or do you have questions about Erreà, the clothing or our collaboration? Then contact the Board!