All good things come to an end

So last Saturday men 5 played their last game of this season.

Without the retired Ton, Gert and Harry, but also without the regulars Rob and Robert (now that I write this: a nice name for a comic duo) we had to compete against the Velo team, second in the ranking. Fortunately we had reinforcements from Martí and John from men 4. Sander also made his debut in our team. After a very good first set that we just lost, a not so good second set followed that we were unable to win. But then the diesel had warmed up and we just won the next two sets. The fifth set that followed was just a bit too much for our not all so young gods, so we end this season with an honorable 3-2 defeat. Every reason for a juice and a bitter garnish afterwards.

What remains is the Gâhwe Cactus:

He is for our regular fans Bart and Wibbie.

While the weather was beautiful outside, they stayed for the full five sets to cheer us on.

For one time; a temporary ‘Kuitenbijtertje’