And the winner is…..

At least as far as we could read, because the emptier the bar at the Sovicos Party, the less legible the handwriting. But that was fun, because a lot of names were invented for our new Sovicos/Van Kleef liqueur.

From ‘Summerbreeze’ to ‘Sunblockshot’ and from ‘Zomertje’ to ‘SummerVibes’. Or how about ‘Gozerwijffie’, ‘Lugtenburgje’ or ‘wait, wait, dare dare dare’. Also some loose names came along such as ‘Mark + Jan’, even ‘Ladies 3’ came along as a name (by the way not written down by Ladies 3 themselves, but by a diehard fan of course).

After coming up with names, the editors & Vincent L. had to choose a top 5. You understand that that was not difficult with all those beautiful creations. And then it was time to vote, and you often did!

It got exciting between two names, but in the end there can only be one winner. With 50% of the votes, the clear winner is:

“de zesde set”

That means Milene wins a bottle of that new and surely delicious liqueur. Congratulations!!! You have something beautiful to look forward to after your trip.

The labels can be printed, and the bottle will of course be for sale again. Would you like such a bottle? Send us an email ( and we’ll keep one aside for you.