Annual outing of Men 5 to Maasland

Well, last Friday our annual outing against UFO ’87 was on the program. Over the years, that merging of clubs has not helped much, because the club has consisted of exactly 1 women’s and 1 men’s team in addition to a recreational group. So, every year a look of recognition among those promising ‘youngsters’. They are always bloody fanatic and have trouble putting things into perspective, so that it is really just about having fun with a bit of attention to their own body and limb and that of the opponent.

Anyway, we were allowed to perform again in the usually not so attractive sports hall.

What did our selection look like this time? Harry is still drinking Sangria or something like that, Gawein was struggling with the aftermath of Corona, while Theo gloated over a cozy get-together with former colleagues. We played for the last time with Ton, who was top fit and with a winner’s mentality took part in his farewell match with our team. From next week he can be found in his bungalow in Posterholt, Limburg.

Our super fan Bart travelled to Maasland, but he cannot possibly have travelled back to Steenwijklaan with a super enthusiastic feeling. With the exception of the first set (which of course we should have won) it wasn’t that impressive, with whirling passes, a setter as a Living Statue and as mentioned a bloody fanatic opponent all played a role. But hey, the ref was almost flawless. More than usual there were some supporters on the couch and the beer and snacks afterwards (sponsor Ton) tasted great and that was of course what we were here for anyway.

The Gâhwe Cactus

could only be rightly picked up by our future father Robert (expected at the end of March) who still has so much energy in his body that he kept our team going a bit above average.

Unfortunately Gert announced at the end of the game that he would stop playing volleybal at the end of the season. Enduring the weekly aches and pains and the more or less daily consequences thereof give too great a burden. On April 20, he will play for the last time and that is convenient because René is unable to attend due to a father-son outing.