Another exciting Wednesday evening for Men 5

It was only 2 weeks ago that we confronted these blue shirts in their own home and dealt with a 3-2 defeat. That was a top match at the time with a top result, of course.
So nothing stood in the way of having high expectations, right?
We did miss the input of René, Robert and Gawein. So with Feim as an extra force, we had to make it with seven. This time, the supporters section was absolutely full.

Family, friends and our regular family of supporters (Wibbie and Bart) were lined up along the railing to whip us up to very high performances. After all, it was Gert and Harry’s farewell match.

In the first set, our passers were extremely cautious, so conservative that even super-fast Robbie saw very little chance of customizing the attackers.

So that had to be done differently. With the same basis, in the 2nd set short shrift was made with those occasionally very irritating males. The team again saw all kinds of opportunities to do what we are good at, namely turning the race course for the better.
Nothing was further from the truth. At times we showed extremely spectacular rallies, which made the public ecstatic, but score a lot of points, just kidding.

The same actually in the last set. So quickly forgotten, except of course the changeover moment of the match: the arrival and almost immediately change back from Harry as a public change.

In any case, after 53 years, he stops playing matches. We secretly hope and assume that he will occasionally be seen by our training sessions next season. At least he comes to watch our games anyway.
This also applies to Gert, who remains available for his voluntary work as a major man of the organization of the Sovicos Volleyball Schools Tournament.

After another cold/warm water shower, which is technically extremely challenging, it was time for the farewell chat and the handing out of the farewell gifts. If only every game was such a party.

One last challenge this season is the away game against Velo 4 on May 7th.
In my absence from that match, there will most likely be a report missing afterwards, unless one of my teammates wants to put inspiring thoughts on ‘paper’.

The Gold Cactus……

came into the possession of Feim, who showed a fine (re)performance after two years.

And of course Gert and Harry also won the Cactuses ouvre prize.
Guys thank you very much. It was a real pleasure to volleyball and hang out with you.