Another Victory for Heren 5 against Monza – 4-0

Sometimes you have those matches, which you can best describe as ‘Meh’. And last Friday’s in Monster was one of those. We were not at full strength, as Harry wasn’t there and Ton signaled us quite late that he wouldn’t be able to make it all. That made setting up the starting team a bit easier, of course.

Contrary to what the results would suggest, we were never really in any danger. Almost every set we had a (large) lead that we sometimes lost due to our drowsiness. We found the atmosphere in the hall a bit soulless, especially since we missed our dear H2, who were originally supposed to perform next to our court. To make things more lively, I made an attempt to put some actions to film. That failed miserably. But the dark, blurry images from a storage compartment in my sports bag can still be ordered if you’d like.

So the M6’s six didn’t really make things difficult for us. A third of the team consisted of ladies, who took care of the setting. At times, their defense looked a little too much like a ‘Vliegende Panters’ performance, with their captain dusting most parts of the court wiht his shirt. I don’t really see that happening with our team (ha, ha).

In any case, it was a fairly quiet evening. We also welcomed two supporters. Bart was there, as was Johan, Theo’s son. I must admit we didn’t put on the flashiest show, but it must have been pleasant enough to look at. In any case, we won 25-19, 25-17, 25-17, 25-19.

We were ready in time to get a drink or 2, and of course a well-deserved snack, but at 10 p.m. they kicked us out very politely.

The Gâhwe Cactus could only go to Firoz this week. With striking and scoring attacks and hard services he was our man this time.


The Calf Biter