Beach volleyball at Sovicos: from sand castle to sand sculpture

Here we are again: the beach committee!

In this blog we would like to look back at the first part of the season. One that has gone by in a flash for our idea, do you have this idea too? That it will be Christmas in just one week is a very crazy idea but, of course we are not going to talk about that, all that Christmas stress.

A beachparty?

What we find to be particularly cool is that beaching is beginning to grow throughout Sovicos. The beach members may now be spotted in big numbers on Friday nights at the iconic Sovicos events. A nice change. Isn’t it fantastic that we’ll arrange something soon so that everyone on the team may visit the beach for a fun party? Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the beach committee if you feel that I MUST organize this. We can figure out how to organize it together.

New beachvolleyball trainers wanted

In addition, the beach fields are getting fuller. More and more people are joining the team, so there might be some changes in the teams and training times. Something we don’t want to do too often but sometimes we have to. We may have found a new trainer which is a good change. But we are still short of trainers. If this appeals to you but you do not want to commit yourself directly, we can of course discuss this with you. For example by a rotation or in other ways. Anything is possible 😉

Beachvolleyball in winter and summer

With the weather getting colder and colder, we are of course very happy to train indoors. A question that always comes up when you mention that you play beach volleyball: huh are you standing on the beach in this weather? Of course we are not, we are nice and dry and warm inside Sportcampus Zuiderpark. But with this weather we are of course looking forward to summer. The sun in your face, the wind in your hair and all this on our own fields of the Sovicos Beachcourt. Let this sink in and when the question arises to go beaching outside, you will know the answer immediately.

The beach committee, a well-oiled machine!

The beach committee is starting to take shape, with responsibilities being assigned and carried out. A well-oiled machine, in other words (almost then). Finding the best course of action is and will always involve some amount of learning, which we do along the road. Sand sculpture comes after the sand castle! We are, of course, always receptive to feedback if there is any. Also accepted are tips. Please email us.

Write a beach blog as well!

Are you reading this blog and think “I can do this much better/creatively” or do you have a fun story about the beachtraining or something else? We’d love to give you the online stage. Be sure to send the editors a note.

Thanks for your time and hopefully this blog will give you a little insight into the wonderful world of beach volleyball.

Greetings the beach committee,

Floris, Gert & Karen.