Behind the screens: visiting Ilse of the activities committee.

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In this new section we take a look behind the scenes, or screens of Sovicos. Cause who does what? And what are all those committees for? That brings us to several committees. Ilse of the activities committee kicks off.

With sweaty heads we sit down on the stands after a nice training while other teams are now allowed to work up some sweat. This is Ilse’s second year playing volleyball at Sovicos and the first year we are on the team together. In addition to Ilse knowing how to play a nice ball at Ladies 3, she also knows how to organize cool activities in the activities committee. And besides the fact that it is nice to be on the field together, it is also nice to talk to each other outside the field and the lines.

Why did you start playing volleyball at Sovicos?

We start with some small talk, in other words: The Hague and Brabant, volleyball and Sovicos. And how did she actually find Sovicos? Googling on ‘gezelligheid, volleyball, The Hague’ of course. And after looking at our social media accounts (and sending messages) Ilse was soon convinced, she has to play volleyball here! Of course we understand 😉

How did you end up with the activities committee?

Anyway, that’s not really what our conversation is about either, it’s mainly about her volunteer duties at the activities committee, because that’s what this blog is about. But, first back to the small talk. Ilse moved from Heesch, Brabant, to The Hague some time ago. Of course I understand why, so we don’t dwell on the reason for long. But, what I am interested in is that after only playing half a season at Sovicos, she started helping out with the activities committee. At first it was only run by Lotte. And as we now sit here together as teammates, Lotte and Ilse also sat down. The corona years naturally threw quite a bit of soot in the activities committee’s food. But luckily, at the end of the 2021-2022 season, that bad taste was allowed to be washed away. We were organising an end of the season party!

Lotte could use some help with that, so she asked Ilse if she wanted to help out. Our heads are now less red and our hearts have calmed down a bit while Ilse looks at me with a smile. “One of those drunken evenings where you quickly say ‘yes’, but I don’t regret it.” It seemed like something that fits her and a good way to give something back, and that didn’t change the day after. And so it happened. Lotte and Ilse started organising the end of season party.

How do you organize a Sovicos party?

And how does that work? Organizing such a party, or a Sovicos party at all?

“For each activity, we actually look at what needs to be done and divide the tasks.” The activities committee’s tasks vary from brainstorming sessions about the activity(ies) to drawing up a scenario and a budget. Then there must be communication with HKV, the board, the editors and of course the members. Visuals have to be made, a bar services schedule must be put together and the canteen must be decorated. “That’s what I like best about being on the activities committee,” Ilse adds, “brainstorming about ideas and also buying the decoration.” Ilse spends about three hours a month to organise a party (depending of course on the type of party and the amount of parties). The activities committee meets once a month to discuss possibilities and what needs to be done.

Activities coming up

While the balls in the hall are nicely passed and a cool action is made here and there, Ilse gives me a sneak peek into what’s to come this year. A lot of activities, and mind you these are not just parties! Think, for example, of a cool pub quiz evening or Bossabal. “And if members have any ideas, they can always e-mail. Although we have plenty of ideas, it is of course great if people contribute their own ideas.” All sounds great of course, all those activities at Sovicos, but what is the goal? Except, of course, for promoting our slogan. “Phew, I think the goal is that we want to be a nice active volleyball club in the field of activities. In addition, it would be great if ‘old’ and ‘new’ members could get to know each other better at one of the activities.” And what to think of beach- and indoor volleyball players?

Ilse is dancing on the table when…

Activities are a good way to get to know each other better and perhaps in a different way. So that’s a nice goal. But when will Ilse be dancing on the table at the end of the season? “If we have a permanent activities committee and our activities are well attended, then I will dare to dance on that table.” And that is of course a call to all of us. So do you want to see Ilse dance on the table at the end of the season? Then come to the activities that are organized!

Time to shower! And have a quick drink in the bar.

The activities committee is currently staffed by Ilse and Anouk M. Do you have an idea? Do you want to help out? Or is there another question regarding activities? Send an email!