Cat in the cup for Ladies 4. Or not?

Yes, another home game for Ladies 4! The opponent has come from the far away ‘Monster’ (that’s a village south of The Hague), with only six players and are just a couple of points below us on the ranking. So cat in the cup, you would think. Unfortunately we have to do it without coach Brammetje, who is shining at H2 at the same time.

While we getting warm, we get a bit scared, that tall girl hits within the three metre line, 3 times in a row!! But let’s not be deterred at all, as appears from the first set. It starts very strong, that tall girl is simply blocked off. This way we are heading towards 20 points and it even looks like it will be a set below 10. Nothing is less true. On a comfortable 24-11, we get a bit lazy, you know. After 7 stupid mistakes it is suddenly 24-18 and even a loss of set does not seem inconceivable. A finely placed ball in the infamous gap saves us in time and we finish the first set with a hard-fought win.

Well, then of course the ‘Monsters’ strike back mercilessly. The second set shows that Ladies 4 and her opponent are quite evenly matched. Slowly but surely the set moves in the direction of the opponent. But we fight, and fight and fight. Until we are rewarded with a super exciting 26-24 in our favour.

Then the inspiration for this report suddenly disappears and that actually fits the third set of our match as well. And although setter Paulien ran towards every corner of the field, we didn’t make it any easier for her. With some substitutions in the set, variation in the pass and attack we hoped to bring back the energy in the set. We missed Bram’s coaching on the sidelines. But Leandra has also stirred things up nicely. (note to self: don’t change the setter for a good service 😊 )

The fact that the setter of the other team injured her thumb did not help the attack of the opponents either. And we were better in defending their placed balls. With 25-19 and 25-21, the hard-fought 4-0 is ours!

The evening is not over yet because counting has to be done at D3 and H1. H1’s match could even be followed via live score. We hope someone had a look, so the effort wasn’t in vain 😊 Romy and Tina tended the bar. Even after the relay, it was fun for a long time in the SWL where we toasted to the various victories of the evening.