Changing of the guard

It was already planned, but on May 1st it will happen. After another period of being chairman, I can hand over the hammer to someone else. And, not the least. Gaby van de Wal will be the new helmsman. She and the others will try to make Sovicos an even more fun and even better functioning club. I have every confidence in it.

Gaby seems cut from the right stuff to me. She is involved and has been for years, vigorously and is a good listener. She takes initiatives and moves very easily among the members.

I am firmly convinced that she knows how to set a good course with the club.

Am I completely out of the picture then? Of course not, because if that club has been in your genes for more than 63 years, you don’t just cut ties just like that. I will remain a board member and will mainly be involved in volunteer matters.

I wish you, Gaby the best of luck and you know it, if you have any questions or need a listening ear: I will be there for you.