CONCEPT pool layouts known

On Wednesday 15 June, the Nevobo announced the CONCEPT poule classification for all competition playing teams. See below in which group the Sovicos teams have been placed! Note: changes may still occur in the coming weeks.

On 15 July, the Nevobo will publish the CONCEPT match programme. After that, clubs have until 1 September to make changes to the programme. From the 1st of September the match programme will be final and the competition can start!

  • Ladies 1: 1st Class H
  • Ladies 2: 1st Class G
  • Ladies 3: 2nd Class J
  • Ladies 4: 2nd Class L
  • Ladies 5: 3rd Class N
  • Ladies 6: 3rd Class M
  • Ladies 7: 4th Class H
  • Ladies 8: 4th Class I
  • Men 1: Promotion Class D
  • Men 2: 1st Class F
  • Men 3: 2nd Class J
  • Men 4: 3rd Class P
  • Men 5: 4th Class G
  • Men 6: 4th Class H
  • Girls A1: 3rd Class C First Half
  • Girls B1: 2nd Class L First Half
  • Girls C1: 3rd Class G First Half
  • Boys A1: 2nd Class F First Half