Confidential advisors within Sovicos


Sovicos is a diverse association where everyone is welcome and where everyone can be themselves. We think it is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable at Sovicos. Yet it can happen that we are not on the same page every now and then. Disagreeing is of course normal, but it is important that we make sure that we treat each other with respect, keep talking and listen to each other.

Together we are Sovicos, where everyone is equal and treated as such. And to guarantee this, we have drawn up rules of conduct and, of course, also appointed confidential advisers. So if you feel that there is bullying, disrespectful or undesirable behaviour, please contact 1 of the 2 confidential advisers, Yvonne or Iwan. Read below what they can do for you.

What does a confidant do?

The confidential adviser listens to someone’s story and helps them look for ways to solve the situation. He or she can help someone to file a complaint with the association, sports association or police, but you can also just talk.

The confidential counselor treats information confidentially and does nothing without the knowledge of the person concerned. Our confidential advisers are bound by secrecy about what they are told, unless there is a danger or a compelling reason to breach this secrecy. Want to know more? View the website of Center for Safe Sport.

Two confidential advisers are active within Sovicos: Iwan Banens and Yvonne Nieuwmans. If you think something has happened that does not suit our association and that concerns you, please contact one of the confidential advisers.

For more information, see About Sovicos/Confidential advisors.

Yvonne Nieuwmans-van der Moolen (plays in Women’s 3)
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Iwan Banens (coach of Men 1)
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