The editorial team takes a step back!

With summer in full swing, beach volleyball training sessions in full swing, and the sun shining more often, it’s time for the editorial team to take a step back. Yes, we’re just taking a political recess, why not?

Over the past years, we’ve worked hard to create good online content, both in quality and frequency. Every month, we share various posts, from general volleyball blogs to Sovicos-related stories, from behind-the-scenes glimpses to our members’ top five favorites. And all this while the editorial team has had a vacancy for some time. Especially on the English side, we could use some help. So if you’d like to pitch in next season, you’re more than welcome!

But back to our work. We’ll still keep the website up to date, and we’ll continue to post regularly on social media, albeit a bit less in the summer months. Additionally, the website will be cleaned up, which means all blogs will be archived, team data will be removed, and other changes will be made. Do you have suggestions for the website, fun blog topics, or tips on how to improve things? Let us know via the suggestion box!

So, there will be a bit less content on the website in the coming period as we take the time to implement changes, clean up, and also take a vacation. We’ll be back in August. See you then!

The Editorial Committee