What a Season! Reflecting on a Fantastic Year with Sovicos

As the season draws to a close, we look back on an extraordinary year for Sovicos. With the end of the season in sight, it’s time to celebrate the highlights we’ve experienced together.

End-of-Season Party – A Grand Finale!

Last Friday, on April 5th, we wrapped up the season with a spectacular end-of-season party. It was an evening filled with fun, laughter, and wonderful memories we created together.

Final Matches at Sporthal Steenwijklaan

But that’s not all! More excitement is just around the corner. This Friday, April 12th, we will have the last matches of the season at Sporthal Steenwijklaan. Let’s close the season in style and show what Sovicos is all about one last time!

Season Highlights

The season has been packed with remarkable achievements and unforgettable moments. Here are some of the highlights we are proud of:

  • Referee Achievements: We’re thrilled to announce that all Sovicos members have successfully obtained their referee certifications—what an accomplishment! Plus, two Sovicos members have even become Regional Referees!
  • New Association Experts: We have trained four new association experts who are ready to share their knowledge and experience.
  • SoviCademy Launch: The introduction of SoviCademy was a significant milestone, preparing our youth for a smooth transition to senior volleyball—a project we are immensely proud of.
  • EHBSO Training: Eleven members have completed their training to become EHBSO (First Aid for Sports) certified, underscoring our commitment to safety at Sovicos.
  • Strengthened Leadership: Our board has welcomed new volunteers, filling many crucial roles.
  • Successful Events: Our events, including parties, beach volleyball tournaments, and a successful school volleyball tournament, were a hit.
  • Team Outings: The long-awaited team outing for our youth (bowling) and mini’s (JumpXL) was a highlight, emphasizing fun and camaraderie.
  • Community Initiatives: This year, we also organized a successful food bank drive, collecting seven filled crates of donations!
  • SoviScore Success: Our new volunteer point system, SoviScore, has been a great motivator for everyone to contribute to our fantastic club.

With these highlights in mind, we look back on the past season with pride and warmth. We’ve achieved so much together and have every reason to be proud.

SoviScore Winners!

And now, the thrilling conclusion of SoviScore! Congratulations to Dames 2 for taking first place—they’ll be enjoying a well-deserved team dinner soon. Heren 3 secured second place and will celebrate with a team drink. Lastly, Heren 1, finishing in third place, will enjoy a delightful beer package to share over the summer months.

The Start of the Summer Season

As the indoor season ends, the summer season begins. It’s time to put away our kneepads and apply sunscreen for the outdoor beach volleyball season. This also means that we, the editorial team, will take a well-deserved break. Despite being understaffed, we’ve had a busy year creating blog posts, social media updates, and photoshoots. But once again, we’ve surpassed ourselves, welcoming more website visitors each month than the year before. Now, it’s time for us to enjoy the summer. As always, we will share occasional updates, albeit less frequently. Want to contribute to the website? Great! Email the editorial team.

Let’s reflect on a fantastic season and look forward to what the future holds. See you soon on the court, and enjoy the summer!