From four in a row to four times nothing

After four wins in 2022, including a nice victory on the number 1, we travel to Alphen aan den Rijn. Here we are going to expand the series further on Castellum D1, at least… That is our intention. A team which won against our Ladies 2 two years ago and should therefore certainly not be underestimated. But we now know that we can surprise many opponents. The advantage of the underdog.

The blue fields in the Alphense Arena are beautiful. A few months ago they played water ballet here due to a leakage and despite the fact that the hall is going to be demolished, a new floor has still been laid. Good for us because water ballet is probably not really our thing. Turns out pretty quickly that winning of Castellum D1 isn’t either.

And I can be brief about it, no need to parse every set, it wasn’t too good. Where we miraculously managed to get all the balls off the ground on Wednesday, there was now a shortage of energy. As is often the case with football, it seems that two games in a week is too difficult. Well Castellum D1 was also playing really nice with great attacks straight ahead, a good set and hard services that we didn’t have the answer to. We stood like a rock in the field, almost motionless. In addition, we made significant strides in service, communication and scoring ability. That caused some frustration and nothing, but certainly not us, gets any better when frustrated.

There was a lot of chaos in the back and we seemed to be unable to find the peace we had against the number 1 of the poule. Something Castellum simply and quickly made use of. Well, I can be very elaborate about it, but it’s not necessary. It was four times nothing and so we went to the bar with a 4-0 loss, where almost everything turned out to be sold out. Not our night, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, our series of victories ends in Alphen, but this Friday we will just start a new series in the Steenwijklaan. Will you come cheer us to victory?