From successes to struggles: the life of the Sovicos Editorial Board

This post is also available in: Dutch

The summer season is here and that means indoor indoor volleyball is on hold for a while. For Sovicos, this is a time to rest and prepare for the new season. The editors also use this time to look back on the past season and make new plans for the coming year.

Last season was a banner year for Sovicos’ editors. Every month we managed to increase our visitor numbers and turned in record after record. But fair is fair, it was also a tough year. In fact, we are facing a shortage of people and, as a result, the pressure was high at times. Every Friday we stood along the line as reporters, in addition we wrote blogs, took pictures, kept the website up to date, translated the written pieces, made social media posts and provided the newsletter with good information. We were also present at activities to record everything from fun beach volleyball tournaments to the pub quiz and the successful school tournament, and to report on them online. A tough task, but one we performed with love.

That is why we are taking a break now. We’ve been working really hard over the past period, so it’s time to relax and recharge our batteries. That means there will be fewer blogs over the summer period, we will be less active on social media and we will have less of an overall presence. But rest assured, we haven’t disappeared. We are busy behind the scenes preparing for a new season full of new content, ideas and opportunities.

In addition to saying goodbye to season 2022/2023, we are also saying goodbye to Léonie as editor. Léonie has worked for Sovicos for many years, both as an editor and as a massage therapist on Wednesday evenings (which she will continue this coming season). We will greatly miss her knowledge and skills on the editorial board and wish her all the best in Friesland.

So, with the departure of Léonie we would also like to make an appeal to you. Is language really your thing and would you like to be part of the Sovicos editorial team? Then we are looking for you! It’s a super fun and challenging job where you learn a lot and contribute to the Sovicos community. Together with a very nice group of people you will write blogs, take pictures and report on Friday nights! And as icing on the cake, you’ll also get such a cool editorial vest!!! Interested? Sign up through the mail.

Although we are ready for vacation, we are also incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past period. We have grown to over 450 followers on Instagram, received over 6,000 website visits over several months and have been able to produce more content than ever. Of course, there is always room for improvement, so we are constantly working to improve things. Do you want to help? Send us an email with what you think could be improved. Think of improvements on the website, tips for content & social media post ideas etc. Thank you!

It was also great to see Sovicos reporters visiting each other’s games to send us pictures and videos and there were even regular match reports. Also a thank you to everyone who was interviewed by us, from peeks into the committees to sharing five favorites, and lovingly shared everything with us. And of course thanks to everyone for supporting us, reading our blogs and newsletters and liking our content. We look forward to seeing you again in the new season!

Greetings, Matthijs, Rianne & Milene