Gaby van de Wal steps down as chairwoman due to health reasons

Due to health reasons, Gaby van de Wal has resigned her position as president of Sovicos. “We regret and admire Gaby’s decision. It is not easy to make such a decision, it does not happen overnight. Nevertheless, we find it a great pity, especially since she was looking forward to finally start as chairwoman”. Rob Strang will hold the position as acting chairman.

Gaby: “One of my core values is also ownership and responsibility and I think that if you say yes to such a position, you should also be able to give 100%. For everyone in the club who gives their all unconditionally (such as my fellow board members, but also the other volunteers who make our club so great), this is the least a chairwoman should be able to do. Unfortunately, I cannot give this at the moment and have therefore decided to resign from my current position and withdraw completely. This is best for me and for Sovicos.”

The Board of Sovicos wishes Gaby a speedy recovery and looks forward to seeing her back on the volleyball court in the future. Rob Strang will resume his duties as acting chairman for the time being until a new successor is found. Is the presidency something for you? Please contact Rob at