Heren 5 against SKC 8 – 4-0

Completely boosted and protected from head to toe, our slightly more ripe yet fresh and excited team faced one of the weaker teams in our Class, SKC 8. As many of the other Sovicos games had been canceled that night, we knew we needed to perform. The pressure was on, even more so as we also took care of the early and late hall shifts, helping the Girls team, and the bar. We were all over the place.

Thankfully we were supported on the bleachers by Wibbie, Bart, Vida and René’s dad. We’re unsure if they were actually watching our splendor, but they seemed to enjoy their night anyway.

As we felt the pressure from all the extra tasks we took on us, the first set started a little rough. We had a few bad moments, but we straightened our backs and manage to take the first set. After that low point and as soon as we worked a bit harder, it was truly easy-peasy. We managed to take the game with 4-0 (25-23, 25-12, 25-19, 25-15).

Lotte Salomé reffed our game, and she did a great job. Compliments to the ref!

As there were no games at 21.30, we had to switch gears immediately after the game. Us Oldies showered quickly and ran to the bar, as it was going to close at 22.00 and we had to make sure to grab our well-deserved juice. We made it on time, and it was truly a pleasure to just talk and drink with the team, and not worry about officiating or counting. In short, it was amazing.

The Gâhwe Cactus (golden cactus) is awarded André this week, who played his usual steady game. Well done.


The Calf-biter