Volunteers: The Backbone of Sovicos

Volunteers form the backbone of every sports club, including Sovicos. Their dedication and commitment are essential to keeping the club running and growing. Without volunteers, many clubs would find it impossible to exist.

But why exactly are volunteers so crucial?

  1. Organization and Administration
    Volunteers handle daily administrative tasks such as member administration, team assignments, and managing the secretarial side. Without these essential tasks, the club wouldn’t be able to function properly.
  2. Match Organization
    Organizing matches, arranging referees, and renting sports halls are tasks carried out by volunteers. This ensures that matches run smoothly and athletes can enjoy their game.
  3. Financial Management
    Solid financial management is crucial for the health of the club. Volunteers like the treasurer ensure that the finances are in order, allowing the club to invest in equipment, facilities, and activities.
  4. Coaching and Support
    Trainers and coaches, often volunteers, are essential for the development and motivation of the athletes. They provide guidance and coaching, leading to better performance and stronger team spirit.
  5. Communication and Community Spirit
    Volunteers in the editorial team keep members informed about the latest news and events. Additionally, activities committees organize social events that strengthen the sense of community within the club.

New Volunteers at Sovicos

At Sovicos, we are proud of the new volunteers who have recently joined us. We welcome new members in the Activities Committee (AC) and the Beach Committee (BC), as well as a new member administrator, treasurer, and chairman. Their commitment and enthusiasm will have a positive impact on our club.

Join Us and Make a Difference!

Although we have welcomed many new volunteers, we are still looking for more helping hands. We are in need of a new secretary, editorial team members, youth TC members, and trainers. Volunteering at Sovicos offers the chance to make a difference, develop new skills, and be part of a close-knit community.

Will you help out next season?

Check out our vacancies and sign up for one of the open positions. This summer is the perfect time to get trained, so you can start the new season well-prepared. Your contribution makes a difference and helps make Sovicos a place where everyone can play with joy and pride.

For more information, contact us via bestuur@sovicos.nl. We look forward to welcoming you to our team of volunteers!