Ladies 3 fight in first match of the year

Grateful for the large amount of players in Ladies 3, we were ready for the first game of 2022 and also the first in months. Three ladies tested positive with the corona virus, however we still traveled to Delft with nine ladies. Did the lockdown do us any good or are we in an after-lockdown dip? In any case, it is never our enthusiasm.

The start was a bit difficult and soon we were falling behind. Especially due to a somewhat difficult service series from Punch, the ladies took a big lead. However, this backlog created fighting spirit rather than stress or panic. At 23-20 it was time for a substitution. Not having played a match since a year and yet Milene was substituted in the heat of the battle. That turned out to be a good move by coach Vincent S. A wrong serve from the Delft lady, good service from our side and a few not too beautiful but scoring attacks and the tide had turned. The first set was won with 24-26.

Winning the first set is half the battle. We soon took the lead with a good service series from Anyda, who played very well throughout the game. Just like our other center player, rock in the surf; Yvonne! The pass arrived well, the set up varied nicely and the scoring ability was high. The set was won with 18-25 and without too much stress or mistakes.

And off we went, into the third set. Well that didn’t go as expected and without writing too much about it, this set was lost 25-19 which resulted in at least 1 point staying in Delft. But, that would also be the last point because although we started the fourth set with a considerable deficit (7-1), we got it under control again just in time. Again a good service series on our side, the beautiful points that were scored mainly from the centre position and it probably also helped that we wanted to have a beer before 10 p.m. because suddenly it went fast and the set was narrowly won with 23-25 .

That means 4 points back to The Hague and we moved one position on the ranking. On to next week against the number 5!