Ladies 5 to pole position

It’s Thursday and rains cats and dogs when the women of Ladies 5 find their way to de Fluit in Leidschendam. Read their match report here..

Ready to turn the frustration of that rain shower we just cycled through into a win. Our injured midgamer Sanne is there to coach us, so that goes well.

The first set

We take the first set quite easily. We were playing well and the opponent seemed not to be in the game just yet. Jo-Annecy is like wall at the net, no ball goes through her block and yet Volevo tries again and again. Remarkably, we slumped a bit when we hit 20-11 in this set. We do this more often, a well-known case of wanting to win too much and suddenly doing crazy things. We recover well however and win the set 17 – 25.

The second set

The second set we’re pretty even. A bit of chaos is creeping into our game and we don’t always manage to finish it in the rallies. The opponent is also getting more comfortable and suddenly knows how to find the empty places in our field. Fortunately we are very attentive and move effortlessly so that get back in the game. Volevo sticks to the same trick but we catch the ball every time now. Victoria scoops up all the short balls and Karen is the center player trying to get everything out of the corners in the back. Unfortunately, it came a little too late and Volevo takes this set with 25 – 19.

The third set

The third set starts a little chaotic, also because the ref whistles a few times at crazy moments (like mistakes when the ball is nowhere near, or foot faults which aren’t visible to the eye). But we pick ourselves up and keep going. During Debora’s service our opponent tries to get her off her game with a time-out, without result because Debora just blasts the balls over that net every time. And where Ilse normally plays diagonally, she is playing incredible on the outside position tonight. So, we win the third set with a final score of 19 – 25.

What will it be?

In the final set we encourage each other because we really don’t want to play a 5th set on this Thursday evening. Our fast setter Maura flies through the field and gives beautiful sets which are finished by the rest effortlessly. The training sessions we’ve spent on the 3 meter attacks are starting to pay off and we’re hitting them one by one to the empty corners. Meanwhile, Lindy’s glasses are accidentally smashed while at the net, broken but nothing a little bit of tape can’t fix and a few points later she’s back on the field. The win is getting closer and closer, but also in this set we get sloppy. After a few long exciting rallies we manage to win the final set with 22 – 25, thus the game! Hurray.

In short, a great game that makes us number 1 in our group again!