Lost and not yet found

We are not talking about lost volleyballs, missing persons or things that are lost and never ever found. No, we are talking about volunteers here! We are still looking for volunteers who want to strengthen one of our committees or become a trainer.

Love to organise an activity?

Then become a member of the activities committee. We’ve had a lot of fun parties over the past few months. From a carnival to Christmas theme party and the cool Blacklight Tournament! These activities do not happen automatically, there is a real committee behind it. Organising it all. At the moment, this committee is staffed by Ilse and Anouk M (both Ladies 3). They could use some reinforcements. So do you think it would be fun to organize activities? Then sign up.

Do you want to know more? The editors recently interviewed Ilse about her work as a member of the AC. Or view the vacancy page for more information.

Oh and for this position you will receive € 50 volunteer allowance per season!

Become a trainer!

We are still looking for trainers for a number of teams. Volleyball knowledge is of course a requirement for this, but above all energy, motivation & time. And if it seems fun to you but you’ve never done it? It does not matter. We have plenty of experienced trainers who can help you on your way. Interested? Send an email!

We are also looking for trainers for the youth. Would you like to give a youth team training? Sign up by sending an email to youth TC.

And, just like for the AC, you also get paid for this function.

Last but not least: help us, the editors, out!

The best task if you ask me! We are looking for someone who likes to write content, think along with social media posts, translate blogs and help make videos and photos for stories and posts on Friday evenings. Does this seem fun to you and do you know about social media and WordPress? Send an email, or app, or DM. Want to know more about the function? Then check our vacancy page.

And of course you don’t do it for the money, but for this position you receive € 100 volunteer compensation per season.

Do you want to do something different?

Do you have some spare time per week and would you like to commit yourself to the most fun volleyball club in The Hague and surroundings? Then sign up for one of the above functions. Would you like to commit yourself but are you not eager to fill one of the above positions? Send an email to the board with your wishes / ideas!

Questions? Email the editors!