Making our sports hall more sustainable

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Yes, the oldest sports hall in The Hague is undergoing a big sustainability process. The first step towards sustainability was taken with the installation of 285 solar panels! And it’s time for step two.

Soon, from February 20 to March 10, 2023, a heat pump in combination with electronic control and a water storage tank will be realized. This reduces gas consumption by 60%!

Super nice of course, but during that period (20 February to 10 March) the work will cause some nuisance. Eg. we go from often much too hot water to sometimes no hot water. Luckily, I read somewhere that cold showers seem to be good for you…

For the skeptical people among us, I of course googled a bit and came across the following benefits of cold showers via various reliable websites:

  • It stimulates blood circulation, so blood is better supplied and drained to your muscles and organs.
  • Your body removes waste faster.
  • Your muscles recover more easily.
  • Chances of inflammation remain as small as possible.
  • Strengthens your resistance & improves your immune system.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces chronic pain.
  • Prevents injuries.

Well, there are of course also disadvantages of taking a cold shower after a training or competition. So, luckily it doesn’t take that long and we can enjoy a warm (hopefully not hot) shower soon.

Back to sustainability. The municipality of The Hague has some sustainability goals and in order to achieve them, sports facilities, such as Ons Eibernest, must make their contribution. For example, the municipality wants to switch to clean energy and we are therefore proud that the old sports hall is being transformed into old & sustainable. We just ignore the nuisance because the greener the better, right?

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