Our new qualified V4 referees

In addition to classifying the referees at the home games, I am always very curious at the start of a season what the referee file will look like again.

Have new members joined? How many people do I have to inform about obtaining the game rule certificate? Are there enough whistlers available and for how many teams are the so-called code V4 referees needed.

This season, that last file didn’t exactly look hopeful. Some high-playing teams could rely on too little or not at all on enough people who were allowed to whistle the higher playing teams.

So I got started. All things considered, Sunday is ultimately the most suitable day to organise a course. It is not so much about the rules of the game, but more about how you behave as a referee in somewhat different, sometimes extreme, situations. And although everyone in sportswear is busy playing some games among themselves; talking about situations is much more important.

In mid-December, 2 meetings took place where the “enthusiasts” got to work. They were very nice meetings with increasingly striking situations such as requesting 5 time-outs, more than 6 substitutions and there also was some ‘aggressive’ behavior by the supporting actors. The reactions or lack thereof often caused funny situations.

With the support of Firoz, Michael, Andre, Danique, Nicky and Lisa, we have the following qualified referees:

Anouk M., Daniël, Danique, Ernst, Ilja, Ilse, Jan (ten H.), Jasper, Jesper, Juliska, Leandra, Lisanne, Melissa, Olivier, Paulien, Petra, Ralf, Romy, Sanne, Victoria and Yeremy.

In addition, Velo was also helped and that resulted in 4 referees for that club.

Rob – referee coordinator