Request to all members: please submit a recent passport photo!

Next season, the DWF 2.0 will enter into operation. One of the biggest changes is that from now on, player passes will be digitally registered in DWF. No more hassle with missing player passes or ID checks. But it is important that the referee can clearly see that it is you on the photo. Therefore, we ask all members to send in a recent passport photo using the form below.

It does not have to be an official passport photo. It is important that the referee can reasonably be expected to find it a good likeness. No side views, no faces from too great a distance, no caps or sunglasses and no photo with your BFF. Make sure the photo has sufficient contrast. Do not take the risk that the referee cannot establish your identity. Then you are not entitled to play.

Along with the recent passport photo, we ask you to fill in your name and address details. This way we can be sure that we add the right photo to the right member in DWF. We will handle this carefully according to the Privacy Statement and your submission will be deleted after a certain period of time.

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