Roland can massage your tightness and help your muscles to become more flexible.

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We already met with Dick, but this time we question Roland in great detail! We want to know everything about our masseuse, after all. So, on a Wednesday before we treat ourselves to a relaxing massage, we ask about Roland’s journey to us.

“On Dick’s recommendation, I got in touch with Sovicos. I replace him when he’s not here, which is about four times a year”. And he really enjoys doing that. “It’s a very pleasant club and especially the gratitude of the people who come by motivates me. It makes me feel good to be able to help the Sovicossers.” 

See, we like to hear that! Now back to Roland himself for a moment, because what does he do when he’s not massaging at Sovicos?

By day, Roland works as a cyber security specialist in IT. In addition, he has been working as a sports masseur for over 30 years. He started this as a hobby but one thing led to another. He often does this work at events such as the Roparun or the Rotterdam marathon. 

What does that entail exactly? “I massage people both relaxing after and stimulating before training. I also give advice in cases of minor injuries, for example, occasionally nutrition and regularly about the shoes one wears.” Shoes are of course super important in volleyball, so do you have problems with your big or little toe, your knees maybe, or do you just have a question about the shoes you want to buy? Roland is your man.

But the massages, of course, are mostly about massaging stiff muscles and sometimes he goes a little further for minor injuries. “But,” says Roland “we are more concerned with the healthy athlete. For spirited injuries, we refer people to the physical therapist.”Β 

Of course, we know that a massage feels good, but why is it actually so good for us? “It is particularly good to loosen up the muscles for a while. But, in addition to warming up, a stimulating massage is also good for warming up the muscles. And after the workout it is of course good for the removal of waste products so that the chance of muscle pain is reduced. So don’t just come in if you have injuries.” Want to know more about why a (sports) massage is good for you? Read it in this blog.

It’s time for us to enjoy a nice massage ourselves, but we ask Roland one more question: What would you say to members who have never booked a sports massage?

“Just try it once. Experience it! For example, try a massage before and after training. It’s a world of difference, really.”

We like to explore. Do you? Then book your spot now!