Schooltournament in full swing

Friday 18th of March, the 2nd preliminary round was played by girls 15+ and the teachers.

It was a bit of a switch when the girls team of Wateringse Veld school unfortunately had to drop out on the morning of the tournament. This created space to play a whole competition instead of half – meaning a busy day for the girls teams.

It was mainly between Johan de Witt and the European School of The Hague, an exciting battle which was eventually won by Johan de Witt. With 17 game points they became justified nr 1 and are going to the final. This of course was loudly celebrated when the result was announced.

The School tournament is in full swing with great matches of girls 15+ and the teachers. Read the update on the tournament here.

Fortunately, we will also see the other girls’ teams there and let’s hope that the Wateringse Veld team can join.

The teachers were well represented with 6 teams. It has been more in previous tournaments, but that has undoubtedly got to do with the short run-up time of the tournament. The teams that were attending, are more or less the hard core of this tournament. Again a neck and neck race that was ultimately decided on a few points in favor of Johan de Witt again.

Unfortunately, Wateringse Veld college remained without any points and therefore has to drop out for the final. New opportunities next year!!

See you in the final on April 1 or next year!