Season 2022/2023 can start!

After fun but warm instuiftrainings and long puzzling from the TC, the new team formats are known. Yesterday (27 August) you received an e-mail with the overview. (Check your inbox! Here you will also find the training schedule).

Despite the fact that every year it turns out to be a huge puzzle for the TC to get groups and trainers together on the right day and time, they still managed to figure it out. Bravo!! According to the TC, the most important starting point in the classification is the team interest and the combinations with trainers.

Would you like to give training, there are still some teams looking for a trainer. (send an e-mail to or

Because there are still some registrations coming in at the Women’s and Men’s teams, changes can take place in the coming period.

But, tomorrow we will at least start with the first official training sessions of the 2022/2023 season. Let’s make it an incredibly beautiful season, with hopefully many victories but above all a lot of fun!

Have fun and good luck everyone. And of course we thank the TC for puzzling.

Love, de redactie

ps. For the people who currently have to hand in their registration form, we urgently request you to do so this week in order to be known to the association in time because the first matches are coming soon. Please contact the TC for this. A TC coordinator will then help you with the registration.