Sovicos’ Global Engagement: Making a Difference Beyond Borders

At Sovicos, it’s not just about volleyball within the Netherlands; it’s about our worldwide engagement too. We are proud to share how our club is making a difference in the lives of volleyball fans far away, with special initiatives in India and Suriname.

A Ray of Hope in India

Ladies Team 2 Advocates for Equal Opportunities

In a small village in India, a group of young girls has found a new ray of hope, thanks to Milene and Ladies Team 2. With their donation, not only were new uniforms and shoes purchased, but also lights were installed at the field, allowing the girls to continue training after sunset.

And that’s not all… Previously, they played with balls made of banana leaves, but now they can enjoy real volleyballs donated by Sovicos. This is more than just a sports contribution; it’s a chance for girls in India to dream and grow!

A Boost for Suriname

A Volleyball Team Gets a Fresh Start

Through Firoz, Sovicos has also been able to support a volleyball team in Suriname. With the donation of balls and nets, this team is getting a much-needed boost.

Although these balls were deemed unfit for use in the Netherlands, we believe it is important that they get a second life and contribute to the sport elsewhere in the world. This way, there is not only plenty of play on our Dutch courts but also far beyond, thanks to the sustainable support of our club.

With these initiatives, we aim not only to promote volleyball but also to demonstrate the impact we can have, even beyond our own courts. At Sovicos, we value participating in such initiatives through our members, contributing to the global development of volleyball and simultaneously promoting sustainability by giving used materials a second life where they can still be of great value. This is how we, as a club, contribute to a better world.