Successful Starting tournament yields win for home teams

Last Saturday, 10 September, it was time again: the annual Starting Tournament! After the corona edition of 2021, this year, volleyball could be played without restrictions again. And with success! Somewhat surprisingly, both Men’s 1 and Women’s 1 managed to win both their matches 2-1 and thus the cup and the delicious cake!

Before the senior teams came into action, there was a nice programme for the youth. Sovicos Girls B faced Inter Rijswijk Girls B1 and B2 and played some nice matches. In between, the youngsters had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the one and only World Cup after which they received a goodie bag to take home.

From 13:00, the battle erupted between Sovicos Ladies 1, Zovoc Ladies 2 and OKK ’70 Ladies 1, and on the men’s side, Sovicos Heren 1, Inter Rijswijk Heren 3 and OKK ’70 Heren 1 competed for the coveted #1 cup and cake. And a spectacle it certainly became. With two 2-1 wins for Ladies 1 and Men 1, the tournament was won by mutual agreement. For Men’s 1 it came close after the first set against OKK ’70 seemed to be lost, but they managed to come back 20-23 behind and won the set 28-26. Good work men!

After the last match, it was time for the awards ceremony which was done by Vincent and supported by Matthijs and Lisa. After handing out the prizes and taking the photos, Lisa was put in the spotlight by Vincent to thank her for organising the tournament! She didn’t do that alone, of course, but Lisa coordinated everything, so of course she deserved a big applause.

Foto’s: taken by Sovicos-reporter Sierd!