Talent of the month: December

This festive month it is time again for our: ‘talent of the month’, in which we nominate a youth member every month.

And this time Mira is chosen as Sovicos talent of December. Congratulations dear Mira.

Mira is six years old, 121 cm tall and always energetic. She does well during the training sessions and is very enthusiastic. She does everything that is asked of her and she does her very best. She is 200% committed to the training sessions and pays close attention. This way she is ready for the pass exercises with the right attitude and helps new members to feel at home. All in all a top talent!

Mira loves dogs, an also serving and playing underhand with volleyball. Not a setter, but definitely an outside hitter in the making. What she also likes is practicing during the training sessions for the competitions. In which color outfit Mira prefers to play? Purple of course! What else? Of course we also asked Mira what she wants to become later. She replies instantly: doctor. Helping people seems to her to be the most beautiful thing there is.

Nice to get to know you Mira. Have fun with playing volleyball and congratulations again!