Talent of the month: January

In the new year we will of course continue with our section: ‘talent of the month’, in which we nominate a youth member every month. And the very first talent of 2023 is Jadey van Girls B!

Congratulations dear Jadey!!

Jadey is 15 years old and already taller than me, she is 1.79 meters tall. At the moment she is in four havo at Segbroek College and besides volleyball Jadey loves to dance. And no tango or salsa but street dance! When she’s not dancing or playing volleyball, Jadey likes to watch movies. Avatar is her favorite movie. Not a bad choice.

Topper Jadey is talent of the month because she is always there and shows such a good effort. She is also doing well to serve overhand soon!! Enough reasons.

What does Jadey like about volleyball? “To attack! But of course you also have to be able to defend well in volleyball and I also like that.” With her length she will of course succeed in becoming a very well attacker. Does Jadey also have volleyball ambitions? Of course! She hopes to play in Ladies 1 in a few years. “Maybe with my sister Lunda, who is now in Girls C.” Well, if you continue like this dear Jadey, we are sure you will.

Nice to get to know you a little better, Jadey. Lots of fun at Girls B, good luck with overhand serving and congratulations again!